Dunston Hall in Norwich is fantastic place to get married. And next up on the blog is a wedding to prove just that! Here we have Charlotte & Joe, two stunners who live in London with family ties in Norfolk. We had such a great day and got on famously well, in fact I don’t think there’s anyone I don’t get on with! Oh, maybe the ex-wife, but that’s not really appropriate for a wedding website. All joking aside, these two were made of each other. They spend their days saving lives, working for the NHS, and are just the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. The families were all so warm and welcoming and the bridal party were a great laugh. Dunston Hall is a smashing looking venue too, and we weren’t short of photo opportunities as you can see. I will photograph a couple at Dunston Hall playing golf one day, the bride hitting a driver and shouting ‘four!’. Pretty much like I do every time I play golf. However, today we opted for the golf cart and Joe was in his element. I’m not actually sure you can drink wine and drive a golf buggy, but if anyone is allowed, I’m sure it’s a paramedic. Lots of laughter from the happy couple, the cheesiest grins on show. The rest of the wedding was fantastic, beautiful speeches and really moving too. And I have to mention the wedding cake. Yummy! The ‘naked cakes’ have been a staple of many weddings this year and I can see why. The reception was topped off with a lovely dance between Father and Daughter in the evening. I love it when that happens, I always get a bit emotional. I’m already planning my speech for my daughters on their wedding day. And the ‘dad dancing’. A few years until that happens, I’m starting to save now! For immediate satisfaction though, here are the Charlette & Joe’s highlights from their stunning wedding at Dunston Hall.


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