Hell yes! They are for everybody! After the proposal and the inevitable ‘yes’, of course that’s when the fun begins. Choosing your best man, your bridesmaids, deciding which guests to invite and whether you really like your cousin twice removed enough. Who is going to design the invites, hunting for the best wedding photographers, deciding whether to change your surname or to double-barrel, and the big questions like what colour socks shall I wear. I’ve seen a million weddings in a million ways, and I can tell you it happens to us all. Ah, but have you thought about an Engagement Shoot!?

The popularity of the engagement shoot is on the rise no doubt. Through all of the (sometimes) manic wedding preparation, the planning, the food tasting, folk can easily be distracted from what the wedding is about. You! Apart from being an fab way to get to know each other before the big day, it’s a chance to get some awesome imagery to remind you of the time you were building up to the wedding. A chance to take a bit of time out and have a laugh, not that planning a wedding isn’t fun of course. It’s as simple as making those memories for the whole wedding planning process, not just the wedding day itself.

London Wedding Photographer

Ok, so you’ve come this far and you still are thinking “but I hate having my picture taken.” Ah man, if I had a pound for every time I heard that I’d have at least £10. Honestly, I get it. I hate having my pic taken too. Having said that, it’s one of the main reasons Engagement Shoots are so cool. They are genuinely such a brilliant way to get even comfortable in front of the camera, and with me taking your photos. I swear every couple LOVES the experience eventually, and if I had a pound for every bride or groom that were doing the ‘vogue’ thing by the end of their pre wedding shoot, I’d have at least £20. Honestly, don’t let that bit put you off. Embrace it, let’s go for a wander, and most importantly have a laugh and get some amazing photos.