The Boathouse


How long do the couples photos take on a wedding day?

To be honest, I go with the flow and what the couples want. If you want to hike up Ben Nevis and get the ultimate portrait, then I'm game. In reality though, I tend to do a couple of mini sessions (15-20 mins) on your wedding day. One earlier and one later if there's a nice sunset or you want some evening flash photography. It's your call, I'll do whatever makes you happy.

Do you do prints and albums?

Absolutely. I've got a super cool self ordering system built in to your online gallery that you'll receive after the wedding or portrait shoot. You receive everything online to download too. Guests can log in and view and purchase the images. No purchase necessary of course! Everyone is welcome just to look at the gallery and see Aunt Ethel cutting some shapes on the dancefloor.

Are engagement photos worth it?

Hell yeah. They're a great way to get to know each other and get comfortable in front of the camera. Of course it's not absolutely essential, just a lovely thing to do. It's all about getting to know each other a bit better. At the very least we'll meet up or do the Facetime thing if you're abroad. Stick the kettle on I'm coming over for a brew!

What do i wear for my portrait session?

Easy! Wear whatever is you, whatever you feel comfortable in. Let me know if you have something creative in mind, and we'll all work together to create something super cool. Otherwise let it all hang out, and I'll find a way to make everyone look awesome regardless. Portrait sessions really are so much fun, if you don't have face ache by the end of it then i've failed at my job :)

How long after the wedding until we see our photos?

5-6 weeks. Peak wedding season is exactly that. Peaky and crazy manic. I put a huge amount of effort and time into editing your images, and I don't like to rush things. Colour grading, white balancing, swapping heads on family pics to make sure no one is blinking, removing the occassional rogue and unwelcome spot on the nose. It all takes time and is worth waiting for.

Are you insured?

Of course. I'm a proper professional! How very dare you?! I jest of course. It's rare but sometimes venues or whoever ask for public liability. I can supply this if necessary, and of course we're all covered in the highly unlikely event something goes wrong. I'm 250+ weddings into my career and the worst that's happened is the best man got really drunk. Standard!

Every wedding is unique, ask me anything!

There's no right or wrong. Just do what's you. I also appreciate that when it comes to wedding photography, many of you don't know what to ask or what to expect. There is so much choice when it comes to weddings, it can be overwhelming! Message me any time with questions, or for advice or recommendations. I'm a wedding guru really ;)


If not send me an email and I definitely will!

With over 250 weddings under my ever expanding belt, I have come to learn every wedding is different. However, the requirements of the couples that book me when it comes to the photography, remain largely the same. “Keep it relaxed, nothing too posed, make us look amazing.”


If you choose me as your photographer, firstly, you look amazing already. And secondly, I guarantee to do all of these things and more.