Venue: Godwick Great Barn. Couple: Gorgeous. Wedding: Amazeballs. Photographer: Me with my jaw on the floor all day in awe. I mean come on people, shut the front door! How good is this wedding of Harriet and Ed at the awesome Godwick Great Barn? Genuinely I love this place, it really is one of Norfolk’s gems. In fact with a fair amount of serendipity, I was photographing here last year when the couples Aunt and Uncle were just popping in for a quick nose. Shamelessly I gave out my business card, I may have just slipped it in their pocket when they weren’t looking to be honest. A year later, and the magic happened. And boy did it happen, from the minute I arrived to the minute I left. The planets truly aligned and we had the full range of emotions all day long, gorgeous light, incredibly warm and welcoming family and friends, and the utterly stunning venue dressed by the amazing Penny and her team at the Little Lending Company. All the suppliers at this wedding rocked it! The amazing Emily at Love Moi Make Up, Florentina catering, the list goes on and I’ll get round to crediting everyone in due course. More importantly though, we’re here to talk about these beautiful humans. Literally it’s one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever had to compile, so many cracking frames to choose from. The love, the warmth, the hilarity, folk just beaming from ear to ear all day long. Godwick Hall is a wonderful place for bridal preparations too, simply stunning. And some great frames of the girls ‘working’ the bath. Oh, and the dress. And the shoes! Where to start? I think I’m just going to let their wedding photos speak for themselves. I just want to thank everyone involved in this wedding for making it so special, not least Harriet and Ed. A diamond couple who no doubt are meant to be. That’s enough cheese from me for one day. Enjoy the blog post lovelies, see y’all soon. Much love. JP x

Makeup: Love Moi Makeup
Styling: The Little Lending Company
Catering: Florentina


You did a great job of capturing them as a couple!

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