Today was my first wedding ever at Godwick Great Barn, to say I was excited was understatement of the year. And guess what? It rained, and rained, then persisted like nobody’s business! Unbelievable Jeff! So with that initial bit of news out of the way, one that is not so unusual for an English wedding, I just want to say to any Bride & Groom’s reading this, the weather literally does not matter one bit. Josh and Sam’s wedding was the epitome of awesomeness and love and laughs. Rain? What rain? All we’ve got here is a whole lotta love! Josh is a dear old friend of mine, I used to work with him in a previous life. And Sam, his wife to be, is a top lass, such an utter sweetheart who I knew instantly was the right girl for Josh. The theme of the day was so cool too, with some insanely creative decor and bits and pieces dotted about Godwick Barn. The boys were getting ready in the bed and breakfast on site, a beautiful country house where the girls stayed too. There was acres of room and pool which they used the night before, a really nice addition to the venue if you’re considering it as a place to get married. The family was huge, loads of Sister’s and Brother’s on both sides who were all just fantastic. Even turns out I went to school with them too in different years, but we had tons in common. ‘Genuinely’ is probably my most overused word, but genuinely, I loved every second of this wedding. Especially the bit when the rainbow came out right on cue during a few couple shots. We weren’t planning on braving the rain to be honest, but there was literally a few minute long breaks and we pulled some absolute corkers out of the bag. This year has also been the year, of me taking photos of wedding guests taking selfies. I could build a website dedicated to just that alone! Love the expressions you get, and I also loved the dance floor action tonight. Everyone went crackers, what a brilliant wedding party! I’m really pleased with how their wedding photo’s came out, have a gander and see what you think. Maybe after seeing this you’ll hope for rain on your wedding day too? Or maybe not!


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