That thing when you know you’re just going to hit it off with someone? Yep, that happened. These guys were just the bees knees, I couldn’t get them to keep a straight face! So much for the “I don’t like having my picture taken”. Obviously Rob & Lori succumbed to my charm, charisma and wit. Back here in this universe however, I was lucky to get photograph the childhood sweethearts and capture them in their element just being themselves. I say this pretty literally, as they live in Riverside and I had always wanted to use Riverside as a location. I suggested it, they trusted my judgement, and we took a wander in what was pretty much gloom waiting for a few breaks in the clouds. It was just an hour’s worth of comedy, lots of giggles and talking nonsense with a few mentions of wedding plans. We got some cracking shots too which always helps! I have since shot their wedding at the wonderful Waxham Barn too and I can’t wait to blog their big day. I had face-ache whilst editing their wedding, truly a gem of a couple who will always be on the christmas card list!¬†Legends. More to follow…


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