Today’s wedding is brought to you from Manor Mews in Norfolk. And James Powell Photography was here working his magic once again, with this magical couple Kat & Mike. Before I rattle on about the day, it was my first visit to Manor Mews and I loved it. It’s got it’s own on-site beauty salon, and loads of accommodation for wedding guests. A perfectly formed, self contained wedding venue which ticks lots of boxes. And it did just that for these guys, what with a large Aussie contingent having come over for the wedding. Both families were fantastic fun and it was a pleasure witnessing lots of them meeting for the first time. They were probably shocked, or not, with the Great British weather. We were still on the cusp of Summer but boy did it bucket down for most of the day. Early on the sun was shining, and you could be forgiven for thinking the wedding day would remain that way. Just as the ceremony commenced, the weather kicked off too. As I always say though, it doesn’t matter! It was a beautiful day and we got some smashing indoor pictures. I always plan a contingency in my head if the weather takes a turn, and we managed to get some great indoor stuff with flash photography. There was a break in the weather for about 20 minutes too so we darted outside and got a few bridal party snaps and a few outdoors couple shots. I’ve already had feedback from the couple and they are thrilled with their images. I was thrilled to be a part of their wedding day and Manor Mews did not disappoint. Another Norfolk wedding venue to add to my list of ‘I want to come back here please’. Have a look at their images and get a feel for what was a brilliant day, with a brilliant couple. I’ll be back soon with some sunshine I promise!


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