New Year’s Eve wedding in Norfolk? Check. Excited wedding photographer? Check. The most stunning day in the deepest recesses of your mind you could possibly imagine? Check. James Powell working his flash skills to the max? Check! I’m (almost) lost for superlatives now I’m blogging about photographing the amazing wedding, of the equally amazing Linda & Tom. New Year’s Eve is a celebration in itself, but mix that up with a marriage at Binham Priory, and add a dash of class and elegance at the beautiful family home and a marquee to die for, and BOOM. You have yourself the picture perfect marriage to round off 2016. Details, decor, date and setting are just part of the mix as the avid followers of the blog (must be at least 10 by now) will know. It goes without saying that it’s all about the people, and Linda & Tom are the epitome of romance and love and what it’s all about. It began with Tom managing to pull off the ‘accidentally knock over the drink’ manoeuvre as an ice-breaker to strike up a conversation with Linda. Unlike when I have tried this in the past and have been thrown out of the club, it was the beginning for this couple and i’m not surprised. Both a couple of stunners and clearly crazy about each other, i’m just chuffed to bits they asked me to photograph the wedding! Their wedding was quite spectacular, with plenty of Latvian traditions coming from Linda’s side. So many beautiful colours and details, and the marquee was decorated so deliciously, the cupcakes literally wanted to jump off the plate into my mouth. I photographed alongside my old videographer pal Mike Reid from and we worked all the way through the night. Knocking off at about 1.30am I was ready to drop, but I couldn’t wait to edit and deliver the wedding photos. Below is just a fraction of what I photographed, I hope you enjoy them. If you’re still considering getting married in Norfolk on New Year’s Eve, or anywhere for that matter, all i can say is, do it. Just make sure you give me a call. Or at the very least, a cupcake.


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