Today’s wedding was at St Giles House Hotel, Norwich. One of my fave Norwich venues for many reasons. One of them being a couple of legends were getting married here today…welcome to the wedding of Helen & Perry! I first met these guys a way back when they were considering St Giles House as a venue. They asked the amazing wedding co-ordinator Alice who she had booked for her wedding photography, and my name came into the fold. Alice’s wedding can be seen elsewhere on the website at White Dove Barns. Anyway, I digress, we all met up, got on like a house on fire, and the rest is history. It started off with the lads at Esquire Hairdressers on Ber Street, one of those funky, hipster, grooming places for the lucky folk that still have hair, and can grow considerable beards. I have neither of those qualities, so it was really cool to step foot into a hairdressers for the first time, in a long time. Just down the way Helen was getting ready at St Giles House, and the place was looking incredible as always. I love the decor here, so unique and elegant with loads of sumptuous rooms and a Spa too. I think I might move in one day! Perry arrived with the groomsmen, all beards trimmed and looking dapper and the guests began to flow in and mingle on the terrace in the sunshine. The day went swimmingly, the ceremony was a delight and we were a bit tight on time post ceremony for the pics but we boshed them out super quick and came away with some fab images. The speeches were on the terrace of St Giles which I haven’t seen before, and it was a lovely perspective and refreshing to do it here. I was climbing around like a monkey to get the angles but it was worth it, loads of laughter and some great words. the whole wedding day was truly wonderful. Here are a selection of some of their wedding pictures from a beautiful day.

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