Hello wedding folk, browsers, and bumpkins! Welcome to the 2016 wedding season in the world of James Powell Photography. It’s been way too long, and whilst I’m still sporting the Christmas chub, the yuletide excuses no longer wash what with it being on the cusp of Summer. Better late than never I say! And I believe this wee beauty of a wedding may well have been worth the wait. I’m going to kick off this year with the absolutely awesome wedding of Victoria and Tom set in the heart of Norfolk, out on the broad of Rockland St Mary. A proper DIY wedding, lovingly crafted by the couple – Victoria being a designer has the ‘eye’. You know, the way to make things look just ‘so’ and perfect, her influence and creation a breath of beauty throughout the venue in her folks’ back garden. And what a back garden! Credit due to the parents too, who were just wonderful and welcoming all day long, not only because of the unending tray of sandwiches which kept me fuelled in the day, but for their work on an old farm which they have been converting and breathing life into for the past year into something quite wonderful. The marquee on the lawn pictured was all pretty much rubble up until recently, which was turfed for the event. They even unearthed a pit of snakes whilst laying the lawn I kid you not! The ceremony was out in the fantastic Framingham Pigot church (check out that turret!), and the weather was absolutely wonderful. I say this from a selfish perspective because even though it rained, the weather held out for just the right amount of time and we were treated to some amazing light, some moody clouds and even a rainbow. A photographer’s dream! The wedding day was simply stunning, I even said they could hire out their venue to people getting married in Norfolk (obvs with a resident photographer in mind wink wink nudge nudge). Being set on the broad amongst some of Norfolk’s finest fields, it was a day to remember for not only them, but little old me. A top couple, a top day, what more can I say?
Make Up Artist: Melissa Abel
Hair by: Tracey Ward


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