Ello peeps! It’s another beautiful day in the land of James Powell Photography, and today I bring you the super sunny wedding of Hayley & James across the awesome county of Suffolk. The blog title suggest the wedding was all at the gorgeous Wood Farm Barn in Benacre, but no. Don’t be fooled as this little gem started off in one of my favourite places in the whole world, Southwold. I knew that Hayley & James had good taste (they did book me for their photography after all *winky emoji) but when i arrived I could see instantly the theme and how it would compliment the day and setting perfectly. Proper glam, full on vintage seaside dresses and scarlet red shoes and lipstick. Boom! Really, really lovely and perfectly suited for a wedding in Southwold, for which the nuptials were held at The Swan in Southwold town centre. On arrival I was greeted by the lovely happy face of James rocking a stunning three piece tweed suit, and not sweating at all. The gym does work folks, obviously I don’t go enough as I was sweating like a true champion! Hayley & James have seen the pics and love them, but Hayley said she had a ‘goofball’ face as she entered the room to see James for the first time. I’m not having any of it, that’s pure joy and excitement, as you can see from the pics they are clearly meant to be. After the ceremony we took a jaunt down the seafront and hung out by their beach hut, such a wonderful idea. There is a rumour I actually got down to my pants to get into the sea to take some pics. Just rumours people, “fake news”! Maybe. Ok, I admit it, i did go in the sea. Not my brightest idea as it was way too rough and I got soaked in all the wrong places so aborted mission to dry off! Loads of fun was had and lots of laughs and that was just half the day! Off we went to Wood Farm Barn in Benacre just up the road for the reception and food and speeches. The awesome Smallfry girls were there serving up the best fish and chips you’re ever likely to have from a van. The speeches were amazing, I won’t even mention James’s slip up which had the guests in tears. All in all it was a belter of a wedding, with some amazing light and photographic opportunities. A really wonderful family and great guests, I absolutely loved the day and continue to smugly love my job. Have a peruse at this vintage, DIY wedding and let me know what you think. I for one can tell you, it was one to remember. Much love y’all. JP x


Well what can I say…….I have seen many wedding photographs but these are amazing. Words can not describe how moved I was looking at them. James Powell is a top class photographer, he captured such natural images throughout the whole day and evening. He also has a wicked personality which everybody can see by his photographs that he is so passionate about his work and truly loves doing what he does best.JAMES POWELL YOU ARE A LEGEND. Thank you for such beautiful memories x

Ahhh my pleasure, I’ll never get bored of being called a legend. Much love to y’all x

I had the absolute pleasure of being at this gorgeous wedding and James has captured the atmosphere perfectly. Pure joy and happiness just bursts from every picture. I can’t stop looking at them. 
Sarah x

Hey Sarah, it was a bit good wasn’t it?! Glad you like the pics. Epic! x

Fantastic photographs, really captured the day for us(we weren’t able to make it), so Thank You.

Sorry you missed it, glad the pics helped! 🙂 x

Can I say it anymore how much we love these?! You’ve made us so so SO happy. We have beautiful pictures of our awesome day which is testament to what a great job you do and did. So much love for you x

You are so very welcome, wish we could do it all again! x

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