As wedding seasons go, yeah, 2022 was an absolute humdinger. Some top-drawer wedding wonderment. Like every photographer I prattle on whenever I post, sincerely I hope, about how amazing each and individual wedding is. And each and every one truly is, and I will always remember sharing and capturing each and every one.

Let’s be honest though. Some weddings are hard as nails from the supplier’s perspective. Tricky weather, wonky timings, hammered humans, equipment issues. It’s not all plain sailing, it takes skill and experience to navigate a wedding day, whilst all the time being the best version of yourself on the outside (the eye serum isn’t working by the way folks).

Why do I say this in my 2022 round up? I think I speak for all photographers, and any other supplier in the big wedding machine. We all try our absolute best, and never leave anything behind. And I just wanted to thank you all, both couple previously, and couples I’m yet to photograph, for trusting me to capture your day. Got a bit emosh looking through all your weddings. I’m a sentimental old goat and loved reliving it all.

So here it is, the 2022 round up. Hardly the gather round the TV to watch the King’s speech affair I know. It will probably go largely unnoticed, and even less people will read this drivel. That said, if you do read this far, just know I’m ever grateful for your support. I’ll continue to smash it out of the park no matter how hammered you get on your wedding day. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. Without you I’m NOTHING.

Look after yourselves in 2023, be silly, live life, listen to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Sunscreen’. Make it into a wall sticker. Love y’all. JP xx


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