Hello my beautiful blog followers. Voewood House on the menu today, a jewel in the Norfolk crown of wedding venues. There are so many gorgeous Norfolk venues and Voewood House is really special. Today, is an extra special one as it’s a same sex wedding between the utterly awesome Andrew and Reece.

Let’s be honest, Norfolk isn’t the number 1 destination for same sex weddings. Things are changing for the better though, and these boys absolutely rocked their wedding all day long. Suave, sophistication, flamboyance, and an utterly bonkers and beautiful dancefloor. Loved every second of this wedding. What a peach! Amazing suppliers on the day, working with on the videography thang.

Seriously, one of my favourite weddings ever. Hit me up for some more same sex weddings, i am all over it! Anyways, i could rattle on about this Norfolk wedding forever. Voewood house never fails to disappoint, i’ve photographed many weddings here over the years and they seem to get better and better. I’ve run out of superlatives. I’ll let my wedding photography do the talking. Enjoy!

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