Todays wedding coming live to you from Chaucer Barn! It’s been a while chums, but I’m back on the blogging train. What better way to kick off than with this wee beauty of a Norfolk wedding? I have no doubt you have been missing my wedding ramblings, but a full on ramble is long overdue. So, where to start with this banger of a wedding? Jo & George, a super cool couple chose the awesome Chaucer Barn for their reception today.

Living in Middlesex, a lot of folk from the home counties and London often choose Chaucer when getting married in Norfolk. You will have a hard job finding somewhere as cool and quirky as this! It ticks so many boxes: it’s beautiful and set in stunning surroundings, has bags of charm, offers great accommodation and also has a wedding licence. However, their family have a holiday home in Mundesley, so that was the natural place to tie the knot. Mundesley Church by the way is an absolute corker too, and proudly boasts it’s own beach hut!

I awoke this morning with my usual scour over the weather reports, deciding which one looks best. Even with my half glass full, unending optimism, things do not look at all rosy later in the day! Well, as I always say, what will be will be. The weather should never, ever dictate your mood on your wedding day. Looking at the photo’s I can forgive you for thinking it was glorious all day long, and in essence you’d be absolutely right. Aside from short, sharp downpours the weather is absolutely cracking as you can see. Some fantastic light which is what it’s all about! Well, not everything but you know what I mean?

The bridesmaids are a great bunch of girls and had their own ideas for wedding photos, perhaps they may have been spending too much time on Pinterest? (Only joking ladies!) The girls and guys needed little direction and I simply took pics of them larking about, enjoying the wedding and each others company.

Everything about this wedding is on point, from the beautiful decor, to the stunning dress and shoes. Even with their sartorial elegance, there is no hint of pretence. At the first opportunity we were trying to catch sheep! Thats pretty standard wedding stuff right? Jo and George are hardy travellers, and as the mist was being to settle on the field there wasn’t a hint of hesitation.  Watch us dash across the field for some insanely cool wedding photos. This became one of my fave wedding photos of the year. Not my usual bright photography style, full of colour and joy, but a moody misty, moonlit walk. I just love that frame.

If you are looking for somewhere to tie the knot, take a look at this. It is a beautiful day, blessed with amazing family and folk. If I could find someone to marry (cue violins) Chaucer Barn would be right up their on my list. Happy marriage Jo & George, I’ll leave the viewers to relive your day which falls under the heading ‘EPIC’. Much love. JP x

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