I had never been to The Lawns in Holt for a wedding. I certainly had never been to Baconsthorpe castle either, even though it had been pretty much on my doorstep all my life! Norfolk never ceases to amaze and surprise me. Of course I am biased, but there are still so many nooks and crannys and scenic gems to unearth. That fascinates me, and to think I still have the rest of the globe to explore! On show today are the delectable Pip & Mike, a couple of beauties that now live in London with Pip having grown up in Norfolk. They chose to come back to Norfolk for the wedding nuptials, and they couldn’t have picked a nicer day. Wowzers, it was a belter and my poor bald patch took a beating whilst photographing everyone having the time of their lives! These guys were just such great fun and super chilled, they could have lied down for the ceremony they were that relaxed. I jest of course, no doubt the hearts were racing and their love for each other was clear to see. And the best thing about Pip & Mike? Well we had pretty much identical music tastes, our mutual admiration of Guns & Roses binding us forever. Even their own craft beer at the reception, made by their own fair hands, was a homage to the famous G n’ R. Such a genuine, funny and warm couple, they had me in stitches. They won’t mind me saying this, but they didn’t want any ‘couple shots’. After a bit of gentle persuasion we took a quick stroll and I took a few pics of them basically laughing and larking around. I think the opening shot is the most ‘romantic’ image we captured. And that’s no bad thing, they got what they wanted, and photos that reflect their personalities. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. I’m always really open and flexible on a wedding day, and will go with the flow when it comes to photographing proceedings. It’s all about capturing things naturally for me, and people in their element. As you can see from their wedding photos, they sure were in their element. Crack open a home-brew and have a gander at The Lawns in Holt, and Baconsthorpe Castle in all it’s glory.


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